Daewoo Puma 350LM.

Turningdia 400mm. Turninglength 2000mm.
Rotating tools.

Doosan Puma 700L

Turningdia 1000mm. Turninglength 3000mm.
Rotating tools.
Support Ø50-650mm


Turningdia 200mm. Turninglength 500mm.
Rotating tools.

Kiheung RT1000

X-Y-Z: 3000mm-2000mm-1500mm.
Rotating Table 1400mm x 1600mm
Indeksing Milling head


X-Y-Z: 4000mm-1500mm-1200mm.
Indeksing Milling head

Doosan HM630.

Horisontal machiningcenter with 2 palletts.
High pressure coolant in spindel 70bar.
Iso 50 cone.
1 degrea indeksing table 630mm x 630mm.
X-Y-Z: 1000mm-800mm-850mm.

Doosan Mynx750.

Vertical machiningcenter with rotating table 0.001 deg.
Iso 50 cone.
X-Y-Z: 1500mm-750mm-700mm.

Faro arm measuring lenght 2700mm.